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We've all dreamed of camping on an isle, of falling asleep, allowing ourselves to be lulled by the gentle murmur of a river. Camping de l'île offers you a chance to realize this dream . Our enchanting site will seduce you with its natural beauty and tranquility .

Whatever your style of camping, we'll meet your expectations. For those who wish to enjoy the pleasures of hassle-free camping, we offer rental of "ready to camp " chalets and caravans,  including all necessary equipment to provide you with a pleasant stay.

Sixty seasonal campers are installed on one or other of the 168 emplacements. For more quiet travellers who wish to enjoy a few days of calm, 66 sites are reserved on the island, in the heart of the Black River.

Come and relax in the midst of a green landscape. Opt for nature and soothing tranquility.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Camping de l'île.
Welcome to all!

Your hosts, Sylvain Lussier and Josée Proulx;

And the entire team.

We are located just 30 minutes from Granby Zoo (packages available) . 









*****swimming pool open saturday, September 23 (1pm to 5 pm),
water park open all weekend


we are open until October 9, welcome!